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Welcome to Physical Therapy at Flagstaff Athletic Club

Improving Life Through Movement


West Location: 928-556-0776              East Location: 928-527-1556


Physical Therapy at Flagstaff Athletic Club is a unique facility where patient-centered care is taken to a new dimension.

We offer focused, expert, one-on-one attention to your health issues. Your sessions involve you and your licensed and experienced physical therapist, not technicians or aids.

Each physical therapist treats just one patient an hour. Our treatment rooms aren’t revolving doors. We take the time to do a thorough assessment, discuss our therapy recommendations with you, and then work expertly to relieve your pain and return you to life as you want to live it.

We are distinguished for our reputation in helping patients suffering from back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, and sports injuries, among many other conditions.

We offer a full range of specialized therapies including lumbar stabilization, dry needling, soft tissue massage, neuromuscular stimulation and joint mobilization.

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